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Oral Conscious Sedation

Embark on a calm and anxiety-free dental journey with our Oral Conscious Sedation service. Perfect for those with dental phobia or apprehension, this option involves taking a prescribed sedative before your appointment. While inducing a relaxed state, you’ll remain awake and able to communicate with our dental team. Say goodbye to dental fear, as you’ll feel comfortable and at ease throughout the procedure, making it an ideal choice for those who have avoided the dentist due to anxiety.

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

At Red Maple Dental, we offer Nitrous Oxide, also known as Laughing Gas, to ensure a relaxed and comfortable dental experience. Inhale this colourless, odourless gas through a comfortable mask, and experience a gentle sense of euphoria and relaxation during your dental procedure. One of the perks is that the effects wear off quickly, allowing you to drive yourself home after the appointment. This makes Nitrous Oxide an ideal choice for patients eager to return to their daily activities immediately.

IV Sedation

For more complex or extensive dental treatments, Red Maple Dental introduces IV Sedation, administered intravenously for a deeper state of relaxation. You may not recall the procedure once completed, as our experienced team carefully monitors you for safety and comfort. Ideal for significant dental work or severe anxiety related to dental procedures, IV Sedation lets you receive necessary treatments with minimal stress or discomfort. Your journey to optimal oral health just became a whole lot more comfortable and stress-free.
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