Periodontal Cleanings

Embark on a journey to optimal gum health with our periodontal cleanings, affectionately known as deep cleanings. Our highly trained dental hygienists, during your appointment, meticulously clear plaque and tartar from below the gumline—reaching where traditional cleanings can’t. This meticulous cleaning not only prevents gum disease but also ensures your gums stay healthy and infection-free. Our personalized treatment plans, including regular periodontal cleanings, pave the way for a vibrant, disease-free smile.

Scaling and Root Planing

For those grappling with gum disease, our scaling and root planing treatment is a game-changer. This deep cleaning procedure eradicates plaque and tartar from your teeth and roots, eliminating harmful bacteria fueling gum disease. Using specialized instruments, we delicately remove these deposits, smoothing tooth roots to encourage gum reattachment and healing. Scaling and root planing are pivotal in halting gum disease progression and safeguarding overall oral health.

Periodontal Maintenance

Following periodontal treatment like scaling and root planing, ongoing care is vital for managing and preventing future gum issues. Our devoted team crafts a personalized periodontal maintenance plan to suit your unique needs. These maintenance appointments include gum health monitoring, plaque and tartar removal, and guidance on proper oral hygiene practices. Periodontal maintenance visits are integral to ensuring your gums stay healthy and disease-free.

Bad Breath Treatment

Persistent bad breath can be distressing, but fear not—our comprehensive bad breath treatment is here to address the root causes. During your appointment, our experienced dental professionals conduct a thorough examination, considering factors like oral hygiene, diet, and potential oral health issues. Based on our findings, we design a personalized treatment plan, which may include professional cleanings, home care recommendations, and dietary guidance. Our aim is to help you achieve fresh breath and renewed confidence in your daily interactions.
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